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An oddly optimistic, witty and insightful generation-defining book for a lost generation, the miserable Millennials, from Bridie Jabour, opinion editor at Guardian Australia

In 2019, Bridie Jabour wrote a piece for the Guardian about the malaise of millennials and how the painful, protracted end of their adolescence is finally hitting home. They're looking at their lives and thinking: 'Is this it? Have I chosen the right place to live, the right job, the right partner? Am I, perhaps, not as special as I thought?'

The article went viral overnight and Bridie decided the time had come to write a book about her generation - those much-maligned millennials. After all, she reasoned, this generation is coming of age in a unique set of social and economic circumstances, including precarious work, delayed baby-making, rising singledom, a heating planet, loss of religion, increased unstable housing and, now, a pandemic. But despite her assumption that this generation of 31-year-olds is the most miserable ever, she discovered that wasn't the whole truth ...

Forthright, funny, incisive and provocative, Trivial Grievances is truly a book for our times, and for every 20- or 30-something-year-old anxious about their place in the world.

1 July
HarperCollins Australia Pty Limited

Customer Reviews

Laimpartice ,

Started of interesting but lost me half way

Had to really force myself to get to the end of this. Credit where credit is due, this writer has a flare for making the mundane sound interesting but this book provided no real insight or new ideas. Such a shame because I felt there could have been some really deep and insightful realisations on this topic that are never really broached and in so, the book repeats itself over and over again. If your just looking for something to read to pass the time, it’s not half bad but it’s certainly wasn’t gripping.

S_Slinger ,

Trivial Grievances 10/10

Either a, sometimes’ depressingly long albeit thorough “welcome pamphlet” into modern adulthood or a refreshingly frank and casual conversation tracing the trials and tribulations of being a 30 something year old millennial in society today. Superb writing coupled with handsome storytelling, providing a true and grimaced reflection peering up through every page. 10/10

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