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With the flood of Trump niche erotica on the market today, why should you make the Trumpe Supremacy your choice?

One word suffices. MPREG. Before he met Trumpe, freelance homoerotic assassin and emotionally-troubled Alpha Ace Nighthard was fallen from grace. Insane and adrift in today's #materialistic culture, taking pleasure where he could and always looking over his shoulder. But what should have been another assignment turns torrid he is soon thrust in the arms of prominent New York billionaire and Republican presidential frontrunner Dagwad Trumpe, the one man he knows he can't resist.

As Ace's Highly Submissive Omega, Trumpe is compelled to serve, and serve he does! The two explore Omegaverse tropes in a relationship that blurs the lines of eroticism, blending into dark horror and political commentary as Trumpe suffers, and endures, the shadiest cravings of Nighthard's disturbing sexual nature.

But uncertainties plague the happy couple, and the future of America cannot wait as Trumpe is discovered to be MPREG. Sinister forces are at work, and Trumpe disappears right as Ace is ready to face the realities of fatherhood. With a ragtag band of misfits, Ace must race to the Republican National Convention, and it is there that his actions will determine the fate, and very future, of this our great nation.

Please Note: The Trumpe Supremacy: An Ace Nighthard Adventure, featuring MPREG is a steamy and politically relevant novella too intensely thrilling for most reading. It serves as a gateway to the high-octane world of MPREG, and features possessive, domineering sex between a sweaty male Alpha and his bonded Trump Omega. It contains foul language, rough sex, gangbangs, genital mutilation, Alpha on Alpha penetration, knotting, facials, 'tostada'-ing, and, most erotically, male pregnancy.

Fiction & Literature
6 July
Ace Nighthard
Draft2Digital, LLC

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