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YOUR go-to guide to living your life free from the control of IBS. 

Do you regularly suffer with diarrhoea, severe bloating or constipation? Are the symptoms of IBS ruling your life? Is your digestive health affecting your mental health? Perhaps you look ‘fine’ on the outside, but inside you feel totally out of control? 

If so, Scarlett can help you feel better, physically and mentally. As the founder of a successful lifestyle blog and CEO of her own digital company, Scarlett developed an engaged audience by sharing both her glamorous online life - and parts of her ‘not-so-glamorous’ chronic illness, IBS. Now she wants to teach other IBS sufferers the practical strategies that helped her manage her symptoms, improve her mental health and reclaim her life. Plagued for over 10 years by all-consuming digestive symptoms such as diarrhoea, constipation, food intolerances, bloating, gas, fatigue, low mood and abdominal pain, Scarlett’s journey with IBS threatened her wellbeing, mental health, romantic relationships, friendships and even her career aspirations. And for the most part, she’s suffered in silence, too embarrassed to speak out. She’s not alone. Despite 1 in 5 of us suffering from IBS, there’s still a huge ‘poo taboo’ stigma attached. 

In this totally honest book, full of heart and humour, Scarlett shares her IBS struggles from hilarious dating escapades to travel blunders. She also provides practical advice from experts, nutritionists and wellbeing coaches. Part memoir, part self-help manual, Tummy Tied is your easy-to-digest bible to stop IBS controlling your life.With a kind approach and a shared understanding, Tummy Tied will give you a new vigour for living your best, bright and totally in control life. Because no-one should feel tongue-tied when it comes to talking about digestive health struggles. Or should we say, Tummy Tied?

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18 April
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