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Step into the One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest of drug rehab for Louisiana physicians and enter hell through the backdoor. Dr. Mary Jane, director of the professional health program, sells out health professionals for cash. She calls the program dough for docs. In league with Dr. Pierce Matthews, the sex and drug relapsing director of the Bayou Addiction Recovery Facility (B.A.R.F.), she railroads professionals into his facility. She is assisted by two medical licensing board members also receiving kickbacks. The atrocious conditions are overlooked because of payoffs at even higher political levels. The scheme is creatively financed by insurance fraud, treatments tainted by conflict of interest, spiked urine screens and overcharging.
Besides holding the exclusive contract for all medical professionals, BARF also panders to anyone with a buck or insurance. The only prerequisite for admittance is patient vulnerability so the psychological blackmail can commence.
Who are the care providers at this mendacity motel? The facility physician is also Pierce Matthews who took a weekend course in addiction medicine and is now an authority. He feeds his patients antipsychotic meds as frequently as he feeds his own opiate addiction. The head counselor is a homophobic racist Baptist preacher, the Komodo dragon in charge of the emotional feast. The administrator is a cock-of-the-walk redneck fine-tuning the fraud. The black single mother is a cocaine widow tossing the bloody bait into this emotional shark tank. The narcissistic female changes her values as often as her underwear.
The patients resist the emotional onion-skinning with humor, despite the facility creed of emotional rape with complete invulnerability. But the grim reaper has his scythe poised. Where will his blade fall? Will he cleave corruption or hone honesty? Will liars be lacerated or the truthful torn apart? The one thing for certain is there will be death.

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31 August
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