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You don’t have to live with type 2 diabetes for the rest of your life! In this book, you’ll learn how to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally with no diets, no special foods and no excessive exercise. Coming from a man who has done it himself against tremendous odds, you’ll be guided through your own diabetes solution. And Brendan even reveals a copy of his medical proof showing he has reversed his diabetes to you in the book! This method is not only proven, but it is sustainable too – you can reverse diabetes and live diabetes-free for the rest of your life!

• Learn what the driving forces of type 2 diabetes are and how to overcome them.

• Discover how to use this book to work together with your doctor to design a program that integrates natural diabetes solutions with your doctor’s plans for you (includes pre-made charts to make this process a snap).

• Discover foods and exercises that can become a part of your routine easily, without leaving you feeling deprived or overwhelmed.

• Guided plans to help you establish sustainable habits that can reverse diabetes forever.

A Note From the Author:

My name is Brendan McDonagh. I am a life coach, wellness coach and former 5 star chef. When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I became my own health coach and thankfully, I was able to reverse my diabetes and receive a complete bill of health.

I started to see positive results only one month into my system and was effectively clear of type 2 diabetes after one year, but in being political with the way medical records work, I continued to present tests for 3 years, so as to show my medical test results and eliminate any doubt. This also kept my doctor on my side. I did all the experiments and tests on myself while keeping meticulous records, and in doing so, I discovered a much easier way for people to go about managing and reversing diabetes.

You’ll find that my approach is different than most, and for good reason. I’ve been there. I was where you are – in total despair. I was frustrated by reading and hearing so much information, all of which seemed like it was designed to make me want to give up. Against it all, I chose a different route. I took a path that led me to a full recovery and I am now in the best health of my life. I want that for you too!

I’m here to tell you that this isn’t the end! This is only the beginning of the journey toward health and vitality. You too have everything you need right here and right now to change your future!

Body, Mind & Spirit
17 July
Brendan McDonagh
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