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After losing his wife and child years ago, Tyson feels he's ready to get on with his life. But, when his wife's best friend casually mentions she has a stalker, he initially agrees to help her out of lingering loyalty to his late wife. He quickly realizes that being at Kai's side, any way he can get there, seems more right than anything else has in too long.

Even before Tyson married her best friend, Kai had found herself absolutely smitten with him. Unfortunately, from the moment her best friend laid eyes on him, the two were like a lock and key. Kai is in charge of leading a demonstration at Legendary Securities for a new training program her company has developed. With Tyson as part of the trainee group, she's right back where she started with him. Maybe her life has changed drastically, but her heart has always been available to him. Admitting she has a problem she might not be able to handle on her own isn't easy for a badass like Kai. But she can't downplay her own personal stalker for long, not with someone like Tyson. 

As the two delve deeper into her troubles--and mutual feelings for each other--complications multiply into something fatal.

7 November
Valley Publishing Ltd.
Valley Publishing Ltd.

Customer Reviews

Treen!! ,

Great read!

Another great story in the series.

Peppedoo ,

Tyson's Treasure

Borrring! These books are supposed to be Romantic Suspense but I sure couldn't find anything suspenseful about this load of tripe!
How about putting the romance on the side burner and writing something with some real suspense with a decent storyline other than boy saves girl they full in love nada nada nada.
I think I have just read my last Dale Mayer book.

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