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This book is for everyone who is curious about African perspectives on sex. The Church in Sub-Saharan Africa is the fastest growing church in the world but discipleship in matters close to the heart such as sex and romance still need healthy doses of Biblical thought. This book is a general description of how sex is perceived to work among Sub-Saharan African Christians who subscribe to the value system known as Ubuntu. Christian common sense integrates factual information from contemporary Africa with Biblical limits to highlight a way of doing sex that is honoring to those involved. Polygamous marriages account for more than a third of the one billion Africans alive today. God does have an opinion about sex in polygamous cultures and that challenge does receive passing mention in this book too.

"Ubuntu Sex For Believers" seeks the most humane ways to engage a spouse sexually and this does not violate Biblical limits. This writer acknowledges the theological deficiencies of Ubuntu as a pre-Christian values-system, but contends that, rightly applied, it is still a powerful ethical platform that illustrates the meaning of the Great commandments of the Bible. Since all the major religions of the world have African converts too, this book has been written with a view of making the most widely shared value system the basis for future further conversations on this important subject. Upfront this author is a Christian. Treating one's community and family with humaneness is Ubuntu. Valuing the human dignity of a sexual partner is Ubuntu just as much as it is Christianity. It is the pursuit of reaching people with African roots--from different faiths--who share these values that prompted the change of title from, "Common Sense Sex for African Christians" to, "Ubuntu Sex For Believers." This book is not erotica, as the reader will soon find out, it is aimed at an African sixteen year old's level of understanding as a minimum.

Religion & Spirituality
5 February
Jonathan Mubanga Mumbi
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