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Have you been feeling frustrated of yourself because you keep forgetting things? Are you not getting your expected productivity during because you can't focus and there too many distractions? You are not alone. Absentmindedness, mental blocks and forgetfulness are common memory failures that usually cause impairments of performance and productivity. These are memory issues easily addressed by training your memory. 

"Ultimate Memory Mastery" will show you exactly how to train you memory and keep your brain performances in best shape. Read on and discover how this book gives us all valuable insights to keeping your memory young and fit. Eliza Palmer, a renowned health researcher, speaker and author, gives you the following no-brainer pointers to take care of your memory, improve your brain's performance, introduce yourself to mnemonic methods and principles, and more of a variety of valuable notions about memory improvement.

Role of Memory in Your daily Life

Absentmindedness, Multitasking and Other Memory Failures

Attention and Concentration

Impacts of Self-deprivation and Stress to Memory

Principles of Memory and Learning

Mnemonics : Devices, Methods and Principles

Tips to Remember Anything from Appointments to Anniversaries

Speed Reading and Ways to Speed Read without Compromising Your Comprehension

These are only some of the variety of insights and revolutionary knowledge "Ultimate Memory Mastery" has to offer. This is a short read and can give you the rudiments of memory you need in order to function the best way you can in every task at every day. The suggestions will not take so much of your time - even the book itself will not take a day to finish - but the education you're about to get is worthy enough to get you through a lifetime of better, improved memory.

Body, Mind & Spirit
9 April
Mind & Body Publishing
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