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Experience all the feels in this unforgettable second-chance standalone romance from number-one New York Times best-seller Lauren Blakely!

I didn't break her heart, and she didn't break mine - we broke each other's. 

I never stopped loving her, but time and distance played its cruel role in ripping us apart three years ago when she moved halfway around the world. Now after all those endless miles away, she's returned...but I'm not the guy I was before. 

Beautiful, kind, and loving, she's the same - my hope. The only one who can make a day better, who can make me feel again with one kiss, one touch, one night. 

There's so much I have to put back in place now that I'm alone and on my own. Things I never wanted at the age of 25. When I receive an unexpected letter that might hold the clues to everything I desperately need to understand about my family, I'm sure I have to follow it. But that means leaving her once more. 

She says she'll come with me, and having her by my side will unbreak my heart...or destroy it. 

That's the chance I have to take. 

13 August
Lauren Blakely Books
Lauren Blakely Books

Customer Reviews

Chrissy052 ,

Not what was expected

This was not a book that I was expecting and still not sure if I liked it or not. Well written but overall not my cup of tea. Maybe too close to home...

Shoebedo ,

Beautifully sad

I was expecting jaunty romance but this one made me cry, cry, cry. It's sad but a lovely story. Everything it so beautifully resolved.

Jaxwright57 ,

Loved it

Another stand-alone that ticks every box once again Lauren Blakey show how diverse her writing skills and talents are with Unbreak My Heart which is a second love story with a twist this wasn’t just one persons heart that got broken when we split up both of our hearts were broken.........
This is not your normal Lauren Blakey witty funny romance full of banter this book starts in a very dark place for the hero Andrew who finds himself reaching out for the girl that got away. Holland and Andrew were split up by circumstance rather that choice and both were left broken but now Andrew needs Holland to step up and be strong and help him heal..........
This story will make you cry you will feel every bit of pain that Andrew goes through on his journey to find answers and healing. This is a emotional read that at times is dark and raw but this author has written this story with compassion and I really have to congratulate her because this book is a beautifully written love story that covers love on every level from learning to love yourself before you can love others to loving your family. I loved this book for too many reasons to list here so I’m just going to leave you with please one click Andrew and Holland’s journey you won’t be disappointed.

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