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Thomas Gallo has been living undercover with the Sun Devils MC for far too long. He’s lost track of his life, becoming absorbed in the excess and violence surrounding him. The only bright light in the darkness is Roxanne, a stripper born and raised as a member of the club.

When his assignment with the MC draws to a close, he needs to make a decision— either walk away from Roxanne forever, or take her from the only life she’s ever known. 

But unveiling his true identity may jeopardize more than just his life.


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13 January
Bliss Ink LLC
Bliss Ink LLC

Customer Reviews

Kirs10! ,

What a ride!

I have loved all the Gallo stories so far and this one is no exception! Thomas is undercover and trying to bring down an MC. In true Gallo fashion he falls in love and is given the chance to rescue his girl. She has a rough past and is blindsided by his true profession. But she follows her heart and the results are swoon worthy! A great story, with lots of chuckles and attitude and all the swoons we come to expect from these sexy men who will do anything for their woman.

76razza ,

Too much too soon

I really tried to get into this book after struggling through the first book in the series I was hoping Uncover Me would be better. But I was disappointed. There was too much unnecessary swearing to the point it puts you off the story line. I'm not against using swear words but when you end changing the words in the story to make it sound better you know it's time to move on to something else.

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