Stop Hiding Start Living

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Publisher Description

When we choose a mask over the truth, we become trapped behind those masks. We lose any sense of the truth, who we are, and our purpose. The only way to stop hiding and start living is to take off the mask to allow the re-marking to begin.

In Unmask: Stop Hiding Start Living, Wendy shares her own experience on how she made her way through the pain and trauma to heal deep wounds, which allowed her to take off her many masks, to 're-mark' her life and to know the real Wendy and live fully into her purpose and destiny.

It is Wendy's hope that Unmask: Stop Hiding Start Living will allow you to become the remarkable you are called to become.

What Others Are Saying

UNMASK: Stop Hiding, Start Living is a book about transformation. Wendy Burns's lived experience through trauma, through pain, and out the other side into joy, purpose, and love is a testament to her faith, tenacity, and choice to find healing. You have encapsulated truth and revelation into practical actions that are easy to apply to everyday life. Well done, Wendy. 

Kirsten Williams

Flourishing Coach

From hopelessness to hope, despair, and suicidal thoughts to a woman of influence.

An inspirational read for those who can see no future or purpose for their life. 

Wendy's story is remarkable as she shares how she overcame the circumstances of her life to become the woman she is today.

Vicki McLachlan

After not being able to put Remarkable You down, I wasn't sure how a second book could exceed it, and yet, I am thrilled to be proven wrong. Wendy epitomizes "Courage in Action." The practical learnings to enhance and support people's lives, coupled with compelling, honest stories woven with thought-provoking and meaningful anecdotes and quotes, makes Unmask - Stop Hiding, Start Living the life toolkit you'll pick up time and time again.

Wendy has selflessly shared her harrowing yet courageous story to encourage others to acknowledge that you can't pour from an empty cup, but small actions often will lead to great, positive change.

Rebecca Forrest

2022 NT Local Hero Australian of the Year

Religion & Spirituality
10 January
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