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Chloe Kallistrate is a Vampire Hunter.
Born from the blood of angels and gods, she finds that being a Hunter isn't something you learn, it is something you are ... whether you like it or not.
After losing her mother one horrible night, she is thrust into a world of vampires and those that hunt them, a world where she isn't sure she belongs. Tragedy forced this life on her, but the answers she seeks about her mother lie in the grandfather she's never met before.
The trouble is, what she discovers could mean that she has to kill the very thing that created her.
The Vampire Hunter's Daughter is a novella series with six parts. The Arcadia Falls Chronicles (Currently ten books) is the continuation of The Vampire Hunter's Daughter story and contains the same characters, as well as following the same story line.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
3 February
Jennifer Malone Wright
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Shedevilkeepers ,

The vampire hunters daughter


Sambii ,

Quite juvenile in the language used and structure of sentences

An excerpt from this book:

“When we left the ranges, we paid a visit to the library. The library was awesome. It was a huge, two-story stone building with tons of old books inside. I immediately fell in love with the library. While we strolled through the shelves of books, I wondered how often the people in town actually used the library.”

I understand that this book is aimed at teens and young adults, but tell me — how many times can one say library in the one paragraph?? Who would have thought a library would be a building with tons of old books inside?? This is just one of the gems from the little I got through before realising that I’m not going to bother reading the rest of it.

Not my cup of tea. Perhaps for a younger audience but I doubt it. The writing is not complex enough for me. Thank goodness I didn’t pay for it!

Allimandm ,


Great story line, could not put it down

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