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From New York City to Las Vegas, from alcoholism and drug addiction to compulsive gambling and bi-polar mania, the Rocky Bottoms Series will reveal one man’s struggle with multiple addictions and mental illness. “Vegas Nerves” is the first book in the series and will focus primarily on compulsive gambling with emphasis on video poker addiction. Recollections of actual events will be told.

Included are personal memories of trials and tribulations. The “Rocky Bottoms” series covers the seemingly never ending and ever widening bottoms experienced by an
average Irish Catholic kid from the Bronx and how he struggled for decades with some of life’s most common (and not so common) illnesses while simultaneously leading a double life of moderate success - to outward appearance. As a bright, young, athletic, good looking kid, Rocky pushed and pushed himself past the demoralization of addiction, to the ranks of being tops in the field of corporate IT consulting. Despite a full expectation of realizing the American dreams, they remained forever out of reach. The only dream manifested turned out to be the consequences of the high, the escape, and the action. This dream came true, and the carnage left behind was at the least a broken family, destroyed relationships, unemployment, homelessness, heart failure, a credit nightmare and little hope.

In the second series, “Rocky’s Road To Recovery”, over and over again Rocky tries the common solutions, self-help programs, rehabs, doctors, interventions, institutions, churches, geographic escapes, career changes, relationship changes, ad infinitum. It was hopeless from the beginning, remained hopeless for almost 40 years…until one day, when he came to believe.

In the final series, “Rock Solid Recovery”, Rocky details the subtle transformation and growth, from struggles of temporary spiritual development in the dual world of materialism and religious traditions to the lasting awakening of non-dual awareness. Today Rocky Bottoms is a happy co-occurring survivor, recovering and living in San Diego. The goal of the Rocky Bottoms series is to raise awareness and help those suffering from co-occurring (dual diagnosis) disorders by carrying a message of hope from a place of love and enthusiasm.

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6 July
Rocky Bottoms
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