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Many people have asked whether it is possible to combine gaining lean muscle mass with being a vegetarian? More and more people are turning vegetarian either by health choices or by not wanting to aid the cruelty animals suffer worldwide. Either way is a healthy choice for us, the planet and most definitely the animals!

Inside this book you'll find 21 recipes which I break down the into:
--Snacks including delicious protein shakes.

Each of the 21 recipes includes the all important macro-nutrient information - so that's calories, protein, carbs and fat. At a glance you can see what each meal or shack includes. This allows you to increase those figures by adding your own ingredients. This is so you can quickly go straight to the section you need and start creating mouth-watering meals.

A lot of friends keep saying you have to eat red meat and chicken to build muscle. Surely there's not enough quality protein in vegetables?

Well I’m here to say it is 100% possible to build high quality rock-hard muscle on a vegetarian diet which doesn't have to include Tofu everyday! Of course your training regime has to be heavy, regular and hard enough to breakdown the muscle fibres.

Today we as vegetarians have a huge array of protein-packed alternatives to meat that are not only jammed with nutrients for building muscle but taste GREAT! Some of these are commonly known, others are not so well known.

This led me onto writing this book which essentially covers bodybuilding nutrition – a bodybuilding cookbook – but not complex or overly time-consuming – a bodybuilding cookbook for dummies almost - and I wanted to have as varied and as tasty a meal selection as possible. You can of course swap out ingredients you don’t like for other ingredients. You could swap beans for Quorn, or Tofu for Quinoa. You can add extra ingredients to increase your protein intake for a given meal.

I also go into the ONE thing you MUST do to make this work and when done correctly can make vegetarianism super easy.

Vegetarianism is here, in fact you could say it’s the vegetarian times - nutrition for health and healthcare and it’s here to stay and only get bigger!

So let's get building some serious muscle the healthy way!

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8 August
M Laurence
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