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He’s a hockey star with a headboard full of notches. She’s a shy NHL concession worker who’s never been kissed. 


They don’t call me Belinda Boring for nothing. It’s my name, after all. And for a 23-year-old with plain brown hair who still lives at home and gets tongue tied over nothing, it’s a fitting one. I’m not even one of those quiet girls with a hidden talent, unless making a mean order of nachos at the NHL arena I work at counts. My life consists of working, reading and harboring a secret crush on a hockey player who doesn’t know I exist. At least, until we accidentally meet and become unlikely friends.


I’m living the dream. A poor kid who worked his way into the NHL, I’ll never forget where I came from, though I try to. My past follows me, a nagging reminder that I’ll never be what everyone thinks I am. As the threat of my secret being exposed looms closer, my game slips, leaving me in danger of being cut from my team--the only family I have. I’m losing my hold on everything when a new friend helps me find hope. She’s nothing like the women I’m used to, but by the time I figure out that’s exactly why she’s right for me, I’ve lost my chance with her. Somehow, I have to convince a woman who thinks she’s invisible that she’s the only one I see. 

16 July
Silver Sky Publishing, Inc.
Brenda Bowen

Customer Reviews

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,


This will probably be one of the shortest reviews that I have written for a Brenda Rothert book, purely because I want you to experience this book yourselves.

Although this is the third book in the series, it is a stand alone and it is not necessary to have read either Anton or Luca before reading Victor. However, do yourselves a favour if you haven’t read them and one click. I know I have said this before but Victor is one of my favourite books from Brenda Rothert, ever.

Victor may well beat Anton and Luca in the swoon worthy department. His strength and determination in overcoming his childhood and becoming such a role model was truly inspiring, the support that he shows to those he loves is overwhelming. I freely admit to numerous snort worthy, laugh out moments whilst reading and I was riveted from the first to the last chapter.

Brenda Rothert has written a caring, compassionate and hot story that was at at times an emotional roller coaster of a read. There were times I laughed and times I cried and on one occasion I do recall yelling No, you can’t do that as she shattered my heart. However through our it all there was a feeling of hope, strength, and bravery in facing down situations that might well flatten others.

Belinda(Lindy) Boring was the perfect heroine for Victor, her kind, compassionate and beautiful heart was exactly what he needed and deserved.

I loved Victor and am anxious to read the next book in this phenomenal series.

Jaxwright57 ,

All the feels

I want to start by saying this book was everything I expected and so much more, it’s an amazing addition to the series of stand-alone books set in the world of the Chicago Blaze Hockey Team.
Lindy works in concessions at the Hockey stadium where Victor plays, she see herself as just an ordinary girl that no sports star would be interested in. Victor is struggling to stay on top of his game, his past has come back to haunt him and he is at risk of losing his place in n the team so he decides to put some extra hours on Ice and that’s where he meets Lindy.......
Lindy is the complete opposite to girls Victor normally dates but her openness and knowledge of hockey is just what he needs to get his head back in the game and an unlikely friendship soon forms. Friendship turns into so much more as this couple open their hearts to each other and once again this author proves she is not afraid to talk about issues so many shy away from. This book touched me on so many levels, at times I was left smiling like a Cheshire Cat and at times I was heartbroken but this book is a must read for all Hockey fans. Looking forward to more from the Chicago Blaze.

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