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Vigilante what can we expect of one, A vigilante is someone who illegally punishes someone for actual or perceived offenses, or participates in a group which metes out extralegal punishment to such a person. Often the victims are criminals in the legal sense; however a vigilante may follow a different definition of criminal than the local law especially if he is of a certain creed.
The novel Vigilante introduces John Stanton an extreme character born in London in 1950 to a grass roots military family. A product of British Military Intelligence, at the age of sixty he had done nothing else all his life and lived through much accumulating masses of information whilst working for or with western governments. The experience turns him into a ruthless vigilante amongst military and government bodies. Those in power never expected him to live past thirty but he survived. It also introduces his sidekick Cadiche a part aboriginal civil police officer part of the stolen generation who assists in the public domain.
Retiring to the east coast of Australia chasing his family lost through fear and loneliness his separated wife is a political newspaper journalist and uses her maiden name. Optimising her vivacious beauty to gain top secret information gets her into trouble and Stanton receives a sanction on his own wife from the corridors of power in Canberra.
Deeply in love with his wife Jodi, his childhood sweetheart, Stanton pursues the threat with ruthless application protecting his family, but finding a little more than he expected. He uncovers a plot to take control of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal for world domination. With unofficial help from Britain's MI6 the American CIA and the French Secret Service he must break the chain of radicals involved in the plot coming at him from all directions and stay one step ahead of the government authorities to have any chance of success.
He refuses to be drawn into public affairs and enlists a sidekick Cadiche a part aboriginal police officer found whilst training for the civil police he regards as part of his family.

Crime & Thrillers
31 May
Brian Cain
Smashwords, Inc.

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