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White Trash Circus will be taking an extended break and won’t be playing any time in the foreseeable future. Please lodge all your complaints to my guitarist—and my ex best friend—who I found inside the girlfriend I’ve had since high school. I will pull the freaking knife from my back and continue—without either of them—when the time is right. With enough hate and anger coursing through my veins to keep me in therapy for life, I’m going to save my cash and let the music heal me. Prepare all your bleeding hearts to be tormented with the most righteous, heavy and cataclysmic tunes to ever come out of me. So there’s that to look forward to. Thank you for all the support over the years, the gigs, the love and most of all memories. Don’t trust anyone and stay metal—Vaughan.

PS. Connor, you left your guitar and rig at my house so I took the liberty of relocating it to my front lawn. I might have dropped it on the way out the door. In your own words, brother, “Sometimes stuff just happens.”

PPS. Our drummer spontaneously combusted and is no longer with us.

WhiteTrashMegaFan- Whoa! Is this real?

VaughanLover4Eva - I love you Vaughan, you were too good for her anyway. I want to have your babies.

HeavyBrad69– So rock and roll!! Can’t wait for the new stuff, it’s going to be metal AF!

Nico – Ummm, Vaughan, what about me?

LicksNStick - LOL awks

White Trash Circus – No one cares about the bass player, Nico.

4 October
T Gephart
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Ladyeagle2606 ,


Forgot to get immunised, so I caught the virus 😂 Vaughan is the man, similar traits to Alex who is my favourite character. A delightful read. A great rockstar romance. Can’t wait for another.

Krissa16 ,

Wish I had waited for a special on this title not full price.

Couldn’t finish it, so have wasted my money. Found it hard to read and to get into. Didn’t get far at all - maybe less than a third. Read other titles by author and was happy but disappointed with this one.

dbmum ,

So much fun

Great characters, great story, great writer... just freakin great 😀

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