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Visionary Tales for the New Earth could easily become the Grim's Fairy Tales of the 21st Century. The stories are written from a unified field perspective and contain no fear. Embedded in them are virtue, sustainability, global and multidimentional vision. This collection will instill adventure, confidence, creativity, love of nature, and spiritual teachings about humanity's true nobility and purpose deep in the hearts and minds of children. Since this book is written on multiple levels it can entertain adults as well. The book is a charming treasury of 20 luminous stories that engage all of your senses. They transport you into the quantum field where your imagination can roam freely. The stories are simple yet profound. The tales are mystical, transformational, and magical, yet gentle. This is a book for the conscious community and is sure to enchant children of all ages for generations to come.

"What a delight this book is! I am often looking for inspirational and meaningful stories to tell my grandchildren when they come and visit me. This collection is perfect! ---- Magenta Pixie, Author, Masters of the Matrix and Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template

"I adored fairy tales as a child and I adore them still now -- I've read a chapter from this book every night bfore bed and each one has made me smile and get a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. For big kids of all ages." -- Donna H.

"I absolutely loved this book. Each and every story is enchanting, fun, creative, and had my imagination dancing. I could feel myself smiling as I read some of the stories contained in the book. It has been quite awhile since a book has captured me the way this one did. You could read this to your kids or grandchildren and have a lot of fun with it. I highly recommend it." -- Anna A.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
7 March
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