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This very popular book, with 186 exciting new recipes, has been written specifically to help you get the most out of cooking during your travels, whether you are 4WD touring, camping, caravanning, Overlanding or simply holidaying. Now available as an ebook, it retains the look and feel of the printed book.

Full of a wide variety of recipes, from good old fashioned, flavoursome dishes to more modern cuisine and lighter meals, the recipes are easy, simple and delicious and have been adapted to suit cooking in a wide range of circumstances.

This book will enable you to cook confidently and successfully as well as expand your cooking skills and help you serve up simple yet interesting and satisfying meals to your family, while on your travels, on the BBQ, or for that matter, at home.

The Travellers' Cookbook has loads of recipes to choose from (186 in all) covering all meal types, along with some very helpful and extensive chapters on Handy Hints and Ingredient Glossary & Possible Substitutes. There is also in invaluable and very comprehensive chapter on Weights, Measures & Conversions which will help you convert weights to cup measurements.

This is a great compendium to Viv's first Outdoor Cookbook which is a complete guide to outdoor cooking, with chapters on Meal Planning, Food Preparation & Packing, as well as cooking with camp ovens and cooking equipment

This cookbook is a culmination of many years of outdoor cooking experience and expertise, now passed onto you. Viv has also written a second cookbook, Viv Moon's Outdoor Cookbook, which is an ideal travelling companion to use in conjunction with this book.

About the Authors: 

Ron & Viv Moon have spent much of their lives exploring and writing about Australia’s wild and remote areas, as well as extensively Overlanding around the world. In their travels they combine many interests such as 4wd touring, camping, caravanning, canoeing, photography, and cooking on the road.

Viv Moon commenced writing her Campfire Cooking column in the national 4x4 Australia magazine over 26 years ago, and today her column is still one of the most popular features in that magazine. She also has two best selling outdoor cookbooks to her credit – Viv Moon’s OUTDOOR Cookbook, and Viv Moon’s TRAVELLERS’ Cookbook.

Over the last 30 years or more Viv has been called upon to cater and cook on a number of large 4WD expeditions and for TV documentary shoots in remote areas. Planning and preparation were essential, with no supermarket or roadhouse nearby to replenish supplies, and many skills, not only cooking, were honed during those trips. Her meals and cooking prowess are highly regarded by many far and wide.

Ron & Viv Moon are well recognised travel writers specialising in out of the way places and their knowledge of all things to do with touring both in Australia and overseas, including cooking in the great outdoors, is vast and extensive. Together they have also written 14 guidebooks, produced a variety of videos and write for a wide range of magazines. Their very popular guidebooks on Cape York, the Kimberley, the Flinders Ranges and Across the Bight & Nullarbor are also available as ebooks. Ron was also the long time editor of 4x4 Australia magazine for 15 years and for the last 15 years has had more of a roving and exciting role as 4x4’s Editor-at-Large. 

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28 February
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