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Everybody's got a story…

A 70s child brought up on a drug-ravaged council estate in Liverpool, Robson had already been working 7 days a week delivering milk for two and half years, when he left school at 16, an introvert with no exams. By the time Kajagoogoo came on the scene, he knew it was time to leave Britain behind and experience the world. Weeks after the Berlin Wall came down; he finally escaped to Germany and a job at Herr Stinkstiefel's plastics factory. The odyssey had begun.

Sixty-seven countries later, and told with a healthy dollop of effing and blinding, a look back at how he ended up in the Far East as a glorified babysitter, otherwise known as an English teacher. Whether scuffling with a Chinese bus cuntductor, or defecating from a beachside bamboo toilet in Goa, into the hungry mouths of waiting pigs, it takes talking s**t to a whole new level.

Readers are given access to over 260 photographs, too.

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5 August
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KieranTierney63 ,

The last of the true backpackers.

Out of the dreary heroin-ravaged estates of northern England, pure curiosity and wanderlust drive a captivating little story of travel and exploration, that rates as one of the most honest and real I have ever found. This isn't the 'travel story' of a Uni student going to Thailand to drink buckets and take selfies for Facebook likes. We get to follow Robson as he uses all his wits, work ethic....and yeah, the occasional petty crime....to pry himself away from the drug-addicted doldrums which consumed friends and others around him - so that he could hit the road and open his arms to the planet and the human race he was born into. The last of the true backpackers. Can't wait for Volume 2. Bravo!