Warriors of the Storm

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*Don’t miss WAR LORD by Bernard Cornwell, the epic conclusion to the globally bestselling Last Kingdom series – available to buy now*

The ninth book in the epic and bestselling series that has gripped millions.

A hero will be forged from this broken land.

As seen on Netflix and BBC around the world.

A fragile peace is about to be broken…

King Alfred’s son Edward and formidable daughter, Æthelflaed, rule Wessex, Mercia and East Anglia. But all around the restless Northmen, eyeing the rich lands and wealthy churches, are mounting raids.

Uhtred of Bebbanburg, the kingdoms’ greatest warrior, controls northern Mercia from the strongly fortified city of Chester. But forces are rising up against him. Northmen allied to the Irish, led by the fierce warrior Ragnall Ivarson, are soon joined by the Northumbrians, and their strength could prove overwhelming. Despite the gathering threat, both Edward and Æthelflaed are reluctant to move out of the safety of their fortifications. But with Uhtred’s own daughter married to Ivarson’s brother, who can be trusted?

In the struggle between family and loyalty, between personal ambition and political commitment, there will be no easy path. But a man with a warrior’s courage may be able to find it. Such a man is Uhtred,and this may be his finest hour.


Praise for Bernard Cornwell:

'A tense, powerful and compulsive story' THE TIMES

‘A phenomenal storyteller’ DAILY EXPRESS

'Strong narrative, vigourous action and striking characterisation, Cornwell remains king of the territory he has staked out as his own' SUNDAY TIMES

'Blood, divided loyalties and thundering battles' THE TIMES

'A violent, absorbing historical saga, deeply researched and thoroughly imagined' WASHINGTON POST

‘The best battle scenes of any writer I’ve ever read, past or present. Cornwell really makes history come alive’ George R.R. Martin

‘Cornwell draws a fascinating picture of England as it might have been before anything like England existed’ THE TIMES

‘He’s called a master storyteller. Really he’s cleverer than that’ TELEGRAPH

‘A reminder of just how good a writer he is’ SUNDAY TIMES

‘Nobody in the world does this better than Cornwell’ Lee Child

This is a magnificent and gory work' Daily Mail

'The historical blockbuster of the year' EVENING STANDARD

‘A runaway success’ OBSERVER

‘A master of storytelling’ SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

This is typical Cornwell, meticulously researched, massive in scope, brilliant in execution’ NEWS OF THE WORLD

About the author

Bernard Cornwell was born in London, raised in Essex and
worked for the BBC for eleven years before meeting Judy, his
American wife. Denied an American work permit he wrote a
novel instead and has been writing ever since. He and Judy
divide their time between Cape Cod and Charleston, South

Fiction & Literature
8 October
HarperCollins Australia Pty Limited

Customer Reviews

Maggie. 123 ,

The Last Kingdom Series

Having just read the full series, I have enjoyed the exploration of English history and the colourful and entertaining weaving of fiction with that history. The combination has given me great pleasure. I look forward to the final chapter that may see this wonderful character achieve his lordly position and finally reach the hall in Valhalla.

Rod H ,

Mmm. Yes, fans will love it, but...

I always look forward to Bernard Cornwell's "Last Kingdom" series, and I enjoyed this well enough, but I'm not sure this one would convince new readers to explore the earlier volumes.
Yes, as always with Cornwell, it it is fluidly written, and holds true to themes developed in the earlier books, but it lacks something.
Perhaps it is the absence of the glorious vignettes of daily life in the period that made earlier volumes such a joy?
Perhaps it is the lack of any clear location of the story in the history of Britain?
Regardless, if you are newcomer to this series, rather than an aficionado, I'd go back to earlier incarnations before reading this one. It is a book that reads like "marking time", not exploring time's changes, as earlier volumes do so gloriously.

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