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A deadly hunt towards evil...

Watchers is an unmissable thriller from bestselling author Dean Koontz, exploring conspiracy theories alongside a gripping struggle for survival. Perfect for fans of Stephen King and Richard Laymon.

'A winner. Give this one a straight 10 right across the board' - The San Francisco Examiner

They escape from a secret government: two mutant creatures, both changed utterly from the animals they once were.

And no one who encounters them will ever be the same again: a lonely widower; a ruthless assassin; a beautiful woman; a government agent.

Drawn together in a deadly hunt, all four are inexorably propelled towards an evil beyond human imagining.

What readers are saying about Watchers:

'This book is a tour de force! An utterly fantastic read with great plot and characterisation'

'A dazzling combination of suspense, horror, and romance'

'The best book I have ever read'

Fiction & Literature
6 December
Hachette Australia Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Anya45 ,

The best book I have ever read

I first read this book 20 years ago in paperback. Just read it again as an E-book and it again left me in awe. A must read!!!

Nicky 11 ,

Worth it

One of Koontz's better novels. Truly frightening.

Cuttlefish310 ,

Unbelievably stupid!

Ignore the only two reviews on this book - probably written by the Author and his wife anyway - but this is a good example of a once great Author who has simply run out of ideas!

Initially the book grabs your attention from page one and continues as such until about halfway through when Koontz introduces his talking/reading/intelligent dog .......... then it is all downhill until you finally give up reading the craziness about "the dog" and hit DELETE!

This dog has been genetically modified in some top secret laboratory along with some other nutty mutants but ahah, he can actually read entire books on ANY subject, can converse in English using a a Scrabble like machine and appears to have an IQ over 120.......

Absolute rubbish to finish off what looked like a good yarn, if this is the best Koontz can do then he should reconsider his future as a top author!

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