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Philip Rendell James, eighteen years of age, lost his parents in a car crash just after graduating from high school. Disappointed and disillusioned with life, he said his goodbyes to his sister and her husband and joined the Air Force. Philip thought he was in for the long haul, but you never know what God is going to do. One of his few trips home in eight years of being in the Air Force, Philip was at his nephew's little league game, and it was love at first sight.
Down a couple of bleachers and to the right was Arabella, her long chestnut-brown hair pulled back in a ponytail that bounced around when she swung her head back and forth. She was trying to make sense of this game. Sports was never something she had an interest in. When her coworker and friend, Betsy, invited her to come watch her son's ball game on this beautiful Saturday afternoon, she decided to go. She didn't have anything going on, and being outside on a sunny Saturday would be nice. She had spotted this handsome man in uniform, and looking from one end of the ball field to the other gave her the ability to catch a glimpse of him without being obvious. What pleased her more was that he was watching her.
Philip was discharged from the Air Force one year later. He and Arabella married, had four children-Annabelle Marie, Sarah Louise, Philip Junior, and David Seth-all of whom are now grown and married with children and some with grandchildren of their own.
Philip had passed away, and Arabella had just moved in with Sarah and her husband, Matthew. She had been living with Annabelle and her husband, Richard.
Sarah grew up with a lot of unanswered questions. Feeling scared and sometimes very alone, she searched for answers. While making some right and some wrong decisions, she learned that God was always by her side.
As Sarah gets ready for a big family party, the past comes back to haunt her. You will see how Sarah lets God be God and ends up settling for nothing less than God's very best in her life.
Annabelle, the oldest child, is very confident and outgoing. She is very sure of herself, but she learns that things are rarely what you assume they are. She needs God to carry her through an intimidating situation in her life.
Philip Junior, the third child and the oldest boy, is very independent, self-assured, confident, and successful. Turning to God was the only way to get through this painful predicament that he and his family are going through.
Things are never as they seem when looking at someone's life, and judgment can sometimes be harsh. David, the youngest child of the four, may not be as successful as his big brother, but he doesn't mind. David loves God, his family, and his job, but David learns he can trust God with anything.

Young Adults
November 7
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