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Now available as a Bundle Box Set, all 3 Western Mail Order Brides Books.

The Journey: Part 1 -This is the story of two sisters from the East who hear a man speaking at their church of the opportunity and need for women in the west. He shows them a paper called Matrimonial News, filled with photos of men looking for women to start a new life with. He was looking to benefit by capitalizing on the disproportionate amount of men to women in the West by telling them that if they agreed to it…,everyone was a winner.

Eliza is skeptical, having a hard time accepting that marriage should be about social and economic security alone, but her older sister, Maggie, who she has always taken care of and couldn’t imagine life without, is excited at the prospect. With much prompting from their mother, who is now a widow thanks to the war, the girls begin their journey west, armed with a few dollars, a trunk full of possessions, memories of a former life, and a handful of letters from their “intendeds”.

The Journey: Part 2 - In 1864, the Civil War raged on, leaving in its wake hundreds of thousands of young men dead and similar numbers of young women widows or spinsters without a hope of finding a husband. At the same time the young men who had gone out west to make their fortunes in the gold mines were beginning to long for real towns and cozy homes. A few enterprising men decided that there was money to be made in uniting the two.
The Journey – Part 2 is about one such man named Marshall, who set out on a quest to find young women with enough of an adventurous spirit to travel thousands of miles, promising to marry a man they had only met through pictures and letters.
On one of his trips back east, two young women Eliza and Maggie Barry are urged by their mother to sign up. Eliza wants no part of it, but her sister Maggie a child in a woman’s body is intent on going. Eliza’s love and devotion to her sister are stronger than her desire to stay in New York, so she signs up to go along as well.

The Journey: Part 3 - In 1866, just after the war had ended, women were still being brought over from the east to act as brides for the wild men of the west. San Francisco was still young and restless and the police department, now headed by it’s newly appointed chief, Matt Weston, was in turmoil trying to maintain some semblance of law and civility.
Meanwhile, Chief Weston marries Eliza, the woman of his dreams, and as he struggles with his job, Eliza takes on the responsibility of hosting three new brides. Rose is a restless spirit who is excited to go west and start a new life. With her negative aunt in tow, she takes the new railway out to California. Haunted by delays and a hold-up along the way, Rose sees the man that her heart at once knows is the one person for her. It’s not the man she’s intended to marry, however.
Harriett, Agatha and Trudy came out on the stage. Harriett, forced to go west by her parents has a young man in New York that she already loves. He’s the reason her father wanted her out of the East, and Harriett resents it, at first. But what happens if she falls in love with her cowboy and the other man comes out to find her?

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17 July
Gold Crown
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