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The Internet is ever-changing, but the things we do online don't often change. Sometimes we bore ourselves online because we don't bother to think outside the box. Daily we get on the 'Net, but sometimes don't bother to connect the offline needs with the online ones. So problems go unsolved and solutions are often overlooked. Inspirational speaker and author Nicholl McGuire shares many creative, motivating, and entertaining things people do online in her book, "What Else Can I do on the Internet?

The wife and mother of four boys has been surfing the web since the 1990s and shares some useful experiences including: how to make and save money online, how to search for specific things more effectively like retail goods, ways to enhance your business marketing efforts, how to find the best tools for a variety of online tasks, and more.

With this handy reference guide, you are given a ton of tasks you can search for and discover some of the best, fun, and interesting sites to date. This timeless book isn't like some that list a bunch of outdated websites. It also doesn't inundate you with hard to understand language and complicated instructions. The content is written simply and the font is easy on the eyes. You are able to get to the information you need rather easily without having to flip through pages and pages of text.

You will appreciate this book if you are:

1. Bored with your Internet experiences.
2. Desire to learn more.
3. Weary of explaining to someone how to get around the Internet.
4. Hope to accomplish more with things related to business, creativity, communication, dating, spirituality and more.
5. You simply love going online and discovering more ways to do things!
6. If you just bought a computer for someone. Add this gift and they will like going online and doing more things too.
7. You just like reading and doing fun things!

Take your Internet searches and discoveries to the next level with this comprehensive guide and check out more eBooks by this author Nicholl McGuire (nichollmcguire.blogspot.com)

Computing & Internet
29 March
Nicholl McGuire
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