When The Gods Fail: Genesis When The Gods Fail: Genesis
Failure of The Gods

When The Gods Fail: Genesis

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Publisher Description

The sequel to When The Gods Fail: Journey, the story continues as Bryce Tyrell and his crew find themselves now stranded on an Earth-like planet orbiting a star lightyears from home. They also quickly realize they are in the middle of a desperate conflict of cultures – cultures defying description and imagination – and encounter individuals who would welcome them into these cultures and those who would prefer the crew and their technology simply disappear.
The sequel opens with the battle raging between these cultures – and the realization by all sides that above the planet is a vessel that each believe is an agent of their enemy. All assume the vessel above them is allied with their adversary and, when the vessel is destroyed by unknown means, all make every attempt to capture whatever can be salvaged as it deorbits and lands on the planet.

Crash-landing on the planet, Bryce and those of his crew who survived the impact, unaware of the tidal wave of events fate is about to unleash on them, work to simply survive in this brave new world and figure out what the next move should be. They have little idea of where they are and no idea how to get to the location they and the rest of the Intrepid

In a pitched battle in which the survivors of the Intrepid are the prize, Bryce, his ship, and his crew are quickly captured by a culture seemingly straight from Earth’s own Roman past, then imprisoned, convicted of invasion, and sentenced to death. Through politics, fate and events completely out of their control, Bryce and his shipmates are barely spared death but not freed from the threat of it hanging over their heads. Rather, they’re told that if they want to live, they’re given a challenge to prove themselves worthy of living – a challenge that will see the team forced to deal with the unexpected, the unexplained and the unforeseen to achieve a goal that is virtually impossible to attain. And the person controlling their fate is none other than the daughter of Caesar himself – bent on destroying all she believes pose a threat to her assumption of the throne and more than willing to use every tool and method she can to achieve her goals. She sees Bryce and his shipmates as threats not only to her, but to the Empire, and creates this task they are sent on, knowing full well it’s fundamentally a suicide mission, virtually guaranteed to fail.

Overshadowing these events is a war unlike anything known before – a war by the Carillians to totally annihilate the Roman culture ruthlessly and without mercy. Into the grinder of that war, Bryce and his crew will be thrown, sent on this mission with the genuine hopes of millions riding on the chance of their success while one woman works feverishly behind the scenes as hard as she can to ensure they fail and playing every pawn in the game to ensure she isn’t discovered as the orchestrator of their deaths.

In the end, each of the crew, including Bryce, and many of those the crew encounter on this strange new world will face internal and external conflicts that test their personal values, their loyalties, their alliances, and their very ability to persevere.

Some may not be strong enough to survive.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
4 March
R Lee Keen
Draft2Digital, LLC

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