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You know you've hit rock bottom when you fall down and can't be bothered to get back up.

My entire life was one endless beating, and I'd reached my breaking point. I was done.

Until one day, I received a letter that gave me the strength I'd been missing. Reading it gave me enough courage to dust myself off, to try one more time.

In that moment, I realized something.

I wasn't done.

Not even close.

And I had an entire family I didn't even know existed standing at my back.


You know you've hit rock bottom when putting powder up your nose is the only way to make it through the day.

My life took a wrong turn, so I poisoned my body in an attempt to escape. I was done.

Until I found salvation on the back of a bike.

With nothing but the open road and the wind in my face, I found the courage to live.

In that moment I realized something.

I wasn't done.

Not even close.

And my family might not be blood, but they were standing at my back.

10 January
Angela Marie
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,

Raw, gritty and I loved it

5 Star review of Where My Heart Lies (Spawns of Chaos) by Angela Marie
This is the first book from debut author Angela Marie and she certainly has dived in. This was a well written, gripping book that kept me riveted from start to finish. Please be aware that this book does end on a cliff hanger which I was not aware of; the good news it will only be a few months until we get the next book and I for one cannot wait to read it..
This is a a book based around the Spawn of Chaos MC club and as you might expect from this genre it is at times raw and gritty.
When Nicola is at the end of her rope and has decided to end her life, she accidentally uncovers a gift given to her many years ago with a phone number included. Almost as a last result she messages the woman who gave her the gift and to her utter shock she receives a response and an invitation to head back to her old home town. With nothing else to live for she makes the decision to return to the one place she thought she would never see again.
It is there that surprises await Nicola when she learns that the woman is actually her grandmother and that she is in fact the granddaughter of the president of the Spawn of Chaos.
I really loved the character of Irish, a member of the the MC who has been down but with the support of his “brothers” has turned his life around; he is the perfect blend of a tough biker, who has a heart of gold.
Both Irish and Nicola are attracted to one another from the start but having been warned off by his Pres, Irish does his best to stay away from her until he can no longer fight his feelings. Irish and Nicola have a chemistry that is sizzling and their scenes together are certainly smoking.
What will happen when Nicola’s past catches up with her? Will she survive or will this be the end for her and Irish?