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Written by Matrix Thompson and Sarika Khambaita and published by the Pamper Me Network, " Who Is Winning The Social Media and Crowd Funding War(s)?: The Battle For Good Vs Evil” is the final installment in “The Greatest Con In The History Of The Human Race" ebook series. The three part series takes a fresh look at social networking, crowd funding & Internet-based marketing systems, with a focus on teaching individuals and small business owners how they can level the playing field, share in the bounty the Internet offers and market like multinational corporations.

Who Is Winning The Social Media and Crowd Funding War(s)?: The Battle For Good Vs Evil quickly summarizes the lessons learned in Volume I and Volume II of “The Greatest Con In The History Of The Human Race”—by drawing upon case studies of two of the largest social media networks and their very different approaches to interacting with their users. One social media network designs, implements and deploys collaborative strategies for users that creates opportunities for everyone, and the other develops collaborative strategies to create wealth for a few.

While the “The Greatest Con In The History Of The Human Race” ebook series is extremely critical of some Internet business models and Internet entrepreneurs who are described in “Volume I” as the “Forces For Good” and the “Forces For Evil”, Who Is Winning The Social Media and Crowd Funding War(s)?: The Battle For Good Vs Evil attempts to demonstrate that it is indeed possible to engage all Internet users to share in the bounty that the Internet and new technologies offer by supporting socially responsible marketing strategies.

We hope that you read all three ebooks with an open mind, and implement some of the ideas to:

* Combine your social power with the crowd to market virtually any type of product or service;
* Launch more innovative marketing strategies that benefits not only your business but the entire community;
* Insure yourself against failure by joining social media networks powered by Social Rewards technology;
* Grow your business while helping others to succeed.

And for crowd funders, we hope you use the secrets you discover to:

* Combine your personal network with that of millions of social influencers to make virtually anyone successful and create generational wealth;
* Launch more successful crowd funding campaigns;
* Share in the success of competing crowd funding campaigns;
* Earn rewards & related bonuses when other crowd funders build their teams.
* Reward donors & fans for supporting crowd funding projects, FOREVER;
* Share in the revenues realized as crowd funding portals grow;
* Share in ongoing sales generated from products pre-sold on a crowd funding platform;
* Promote crowd funding campaign to the mass media and, or general Internet community;
* Recruit and reward donors;
* Enhance donor & fan acquisition with powerful viral marketing tools.

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26 January
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