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Secrets are my specialty.

I’m Mai Fairchild --- fox shifter, sister’s keeper, and bane of the local werewolf pack. In a world where different is dangerous, my sister and I must pretend to be human at all costs. Too bad I just lost the job that lets me live under the radar while putting food on my sister's plate.

Enter an enticing werewolf who offers enough cash to upgrade our diets from ramen noodles to salami if I join him on a magical hunt. But can I afford to accept the opportunity when the risk of working closely with every fox shifter's sworn enemy is so great?

This first book in USA Today bestselling author Aimee Easterling's newest series dives into a world of magic, danger, and romance.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
10 June
Wetknee Books
Aimee Easterling

Customer Reviews

TamFJ ,

Fun Read

Good characters and writing
Enjoyed this - Which let’s face it is the point right.
Great for a relaxing weekend read 😊

Briony73 ,

Wolf’s Bane

I loved this book, I had so much trouble putting it down reading until 4 or 5 in the morning, I loved the characters, Mai is such a protective big sister and wants to be independent, Gunner is surely falling for Mai, I hope they end up together, even though they are different animals, I hope this series goes on for a long time somehow, thank you Amy for being an amazing writer, I would love to become part of your ARC team, I love to read and I can’t work so I read a lot, every book of yours I have read has been amazing. So thank you for helping me get through some tough days with your fantastic books.

Yours Briony Ackrill 😊

Kookikay ,

Oh Gunner, the best book boyfriend!

Aimee Easterling writes the best shifter books! In this one there’s plenty of action and the beginning of the love of the century for Mai. Gunner is an awesome character who doesn’t yet know how much he needs her. Luckily Mai has a tender heart even though she hides it and fights like two men possessed. But he’s a wolf and Mai is a fox (Kitsune). And wolf shifters kill Kitsune. Always. Who said the path of true love never runs smooth must’ve met these two! It was at times sad, and crazy action filled, and love peeking in, and always a darn good read. This author knows her stories.

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