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Chipita Rodriguez

Colin Campbell Ross 

Timothy Evans 

Steven Truscott 

Guildford Four and the Maguire Seven 

The Birmingham Six 

Sean Hodgson 

Lindy Chamberlain 

Ellis Wayne Felker 

Carlos DeLuna 

Kirk Bloodsworth 

Michael Morton 

Sion Jenkins 

We all have a fear of being accused of something we didn’t do and being punished accordingly. When this happens the injustice can be infuriating, but usually the situation can be resolved quickly and peacefully. Sometimes, however, this occurs on such an unfathomably huge scale that it results in our freedom being taken away from us. It may be paranoid to live in fear of this happening, but history has seen it occur countless times. None of us are impervious to being in the wrong place at the wrong time or, in extreme circumstances, being framed. Throughout this book we visit shameful episodes in criminal history around the world, episodes that have seen the wrong person put behind bars for a crime he or she did not commit.

In some of these cases an eventual exoneration sees that person freed and released back into society, but sometimes the so-called guilty party has paid the ultimate price for their alleged sins. Often in these cases the prisoner has protested their innocence, and has unsuccessfully appealed their conviction, but sadly, the day comes when they can protest no more. All over the world, the criminal justice system works its hardest to ensure those that break the law receive the correct, and just, punishment. However, some cases are complicated, some are prejudiced, and some are flawed from the beginning. When the innocent are jailed, and the guilty walk free, it is one of the most horrendous travesties of justice. 

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Jennifer Davies is a freelance writer, editor and photographer from East Sussex. After completing her degree in Creative Writing, she worked as an editor for a publisher for six years, while writing gig reviews for a local magazine in her free time. Today, she works as a freelance writer, and explores a range of subjects from true crime to the world of celebrity. She loves to write about folklore and urban legends, but also enjoys reporting on the rich and famous, dead or alive.

6 October
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