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I felt compelled that I had to make this trip to Jamaica in July, 2001 and once I got there it became apparent why I had to go. Within the first twenty-four hours after landing, I began to experience a series of unusual incidents. The first incident was kind of an eerie experience. Just before sunrise, I got up and went to the deck at the back of the house with my cousin Diana to do some meditations. After meditating, we spontaneously got up and held each others hands. I could hear the wind, and the sound of crickets, and leaves rustling. And then I no longer heard anything, or felt my body. Everywhere had turned black and everything had disappeared. It was as if I had fallen into an abyss. I dont know how long it lasted because time had also ceased to exist. My hearing was the first to return and I heard this sound, like a mans voice humming a tune: La la, la la, la la, la la la, la la, la, repeatedly. It sounded familiar but I couldnt recognize it at the time. Then I started to feel Dianas hands and my body again. Later I remembered the tune the man was humming. It was, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God almighty. I started to ask Diana if she had heard the man humming, but I knew there was nobody out there. I wanted to tell her about what I had just experienced, but I couldnt; I needed to process it for myself first. I began experiencing other incidents throughout my trip and decided to keep a journal. Back in America a few years later, I was getting ready to go on vacation when I discovered the journal in one of my carryon bag where I had left it. I was about to throw it away but started browsing through it and was immediately transported back in time to my trip in July, 2001. I took the journal with me on vacation where I started to transcribe it on my laptop. I continued to write on and off for years and reflected on some of my experiences growing up in Jamaica and New York which eventually evolved into Yardie.

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