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South African born and raised Hollywood screenwriter Helena Krielis researching the ancient text the Kama Sutra for a movie she'swriting. At the same time, she is travelling to India to meet withsages and find answers to the universal challenges of sex and love.While searching for love in her doomed relationships, little does sheknow she will find her answers in caring for her dying brother, Evan,in South Africa.Set in the mid-1990s, South Africa is just emerging from thedarkness of apartheid and bursting with vibrant chaos. The storyzooms in on an intense year in the narrator's life. It centres aroundthe lively and eccentric South African Kriel family: Maya, thecombative but inspired mother; Lexi, the sister recently returned fromliving in a temple in India; Ross, the younger brother diving withsharks; and Helena, the narrator, herself on a journey to understandlove and death. At the heart of the story is Evan, her terminally ill30-year-old gay brother, who has been keeping his illness a shamefulsecret. Conscious, sensitive, terrified and trying to hang onto sanityas his world changes, Evan becomes paralysed then finally goesblind as death draws ever closer. But it is Evan who leads the familythrough the fire.In living through her brother's fight to stay alive, the narrator findsherself at the heart of a savage story, one she would not havechosen. How could she know when she set out to India to findancient solutions to the modern problems of our age that herbrother's approaching death would be her greatest teacher? Howcould she imagine that dying brings everything to life?

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