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Yorkie Doodle Dandy is Corporal William A. Wynne's story about Smoky, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier found in a New Guinea foxhole during WW II. Smoky helped save the lives of servicemen who were faced with imminent airfield attack. Wynne's own life was spared while under a shipboard kamikaze attack – led by Smoky. Smoky is credited internationally for her therapy work in hospitals and care facilities. Post-war, Smoky continued therapy work and performed on live television with Bill Wynne as trainer. Smoky ultimately proved to the world the therapeutic value of dogs to people during war, conflict, and recovery, as well as in friendship, entertainment, and hope. 

Author William A. Wynne is nationally recognized for his award-winning black and white photography. While specializing in horticulture during high school, he took an elective course in photography, which was to change his life forever. In 1944, the 26th Photo Reconnaissance Squadron of the U.S. Army Air Force placed Wynne directly into the Pacific Theater of World War II, where he was to soon become Smoky's best friend. 

Post-war, Wynne trained dogs for Hollywood films, then joined NACA/NASA's Flight Icing Research Team at Lewis Laboratories in Cleveland, Ohio. He invented a specialized camera for the Aircraft Crash Fire Test Program that prevented a jet engine test tunnel from detonating. Wynne worked for The Cleveland Plain Dealer where he won numerous national awards, including the George Washington Honor Medal and The Brotherhood Award. He delivered over 500 full-page photo-essays, many receiving national acclaim, and received later awards for lifetime achievement as a journalist, author, inventor, and decorated WWII Veteran. 

Bill Wynne married high school sweetheart Margaret (“Margie") Roberts in 1946 and raised nine wonderful children in a happy marriage. At 95 years of age, he continues an active life, while honoring Smoky's contributions to people, humanity and service to others.

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