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Never doubt the true potential you have in the life God has given you. You are strong, capable, intelligent, beautiful, and most importantly, not alone. You have been given the test you are fighting through for a reason. You can try your best to plan ahead and prepare for the future, but life will always present the unexpected. Losing a loved one, living through a tragedy, or being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness are tests that will challenge you and may break you down, but they will never destroy you. You are being tested of your strengths, faith, endurance, and keeping an optimistic view. You are the one who decides what you will overcome and accomplish. The results are placed in your own hands. The question is, what results are you looking for and how are you going to get there?

Life gave me my own test to overcome, something I least expected. I was healthy and never thought twice about my body, until my diagnosis. My life changed completely when I found out I had breast cancer. My diagnosis made me realize that life is too precious to discount any moment. I felt despair and wanted to have all the answers to the questions that resonated in my head. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew one thing for sure, God was by my side, and it was up to me to take the necessary steps to overcome this. My test wasn’t easy, but I fought through the trials, making sure I did not become the victim. I, along with two amazing women, share our story on how we overcame the test that changed each of our lives. It is up to you to fight, to keep moving, and never give up because there is always hope. 

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19 July
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