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In this book we are going to be exploring fully about self sabotage. Most do not realize the seriousness of this problem. A vast majority of the problems we are encountering in life actually come from within
and not put on by external situations and influences. Because of the nature of how our subconscious mind works, it is able to create events that on the surface look like they come from external situations
which is not really the case in a lot of cases.
Bad luck, obstacles, illnesses, forgetfulness, procrastination and over a dozen other excuses are things we ourselves cause to sabotage ourselves invisibly.
Lack of drive or easily ejecting the first sight of resistance or problems are also manifestations of a messy internal programming and in actuality a form of self sabotage that is not usually recognized and
thus fixed.
That and more are the very things we are going to be taking care off and permanently fixing in this book.

Self Regrets
Guilt Protects Us From Punishment
Sense Of Guilt Keeps Us In Control
We Were Programmed To Think It's Our Fault
Anti-Happiness Programmings
Conquer Your Fears!
Get To Know Your Fears
Basic Fears
Fears And Low Self Esteem
Fear Of Success
Cannot See The Forest For The Trees
Myth Of Perfect Timing
The Sky Is Falling Thinking
Problematic Personality Disorders
Passive-Aggressive Personality
Self-Defeating Personality Disorder
Perfectionisms Is Just Procrastination In Disguise
Striving To Be The Best Is A Double-Edged Sword
The Vicious Cycle
Establish Reasonable Objectives
Seek Help
Failure Is A Friend
Being Overwhelmed
Self Limiting Beliefs
Divide And Conquer These  Bad Beliefs
Sense Of Abundance
Emotional Freedom Technique
The Structure Of Beliefs
To Believe Is To See Not To See Is To Believe
How We Sabotage Ourselves
We Compare Ourselves To Others
Poor Self Image
Programmed Innate Resistance
Hypnotic Goals
Establishing Goals
You Should Have A Single-Minded Focus
Understanding Just What Is Very Important To Us
Optimizing Time
Start From The End
Contingency Plans
The Best Ways To Stop Self Sabotage
Self Honesty
Change Your Habits
Find Your "Whys"
Reprogramming  Our Mental Operating System
Install Positive Self Image
Positive Thinking
Avoid Unrealistic Over Expectation Thinking
Do Not Feel Guilty Around Things Beyond Your Control
Forgiveness And Moving On

Body, Mind & Spirit
17 February
JNR Publishing
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