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As a teenager I was taken to an optimist to be fitted for glasses which I refused

to wear. In 1940, at the age of 18 I Joined the Royal Air Force as a pilot. If

I had worn the prescribed glasses earlier I could never have become a pilot. After

training in America as a pilot I eventually transferred to the glider Regiment and

served six years most of which was in the Burma campaign.

On demobilisation I hoped to become a tea planter in India but due to the

partition riots I ended up as a rubber planter in Malaysia. My first tour was

for five years, during which time marriage was not allowed, but because of the

emergency this was reduced to three years.

On my first leave I went to Australia in debt to the amount equivalent to 3

months salary. Because of my debt I had to get a job to survive. Having radio as

a hobby I was able to get a job as a radio mechanic. The boss’s secretary happened

to be the person who would become my future wife and mother of a wonderful

family of five.

I returned to Malaysia and lived there experiencing many unusual incidents

involving the terrorist activity that took place there. I became managing director

of the company I worked for.

On retirement we bought a sheep and wheat farm at Beverly, West Australia and

ran sheep and share farmed wheat until my wife died in 2002.

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