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"With burnout and unrelenting fatigue at epidemic levels our spirits are making a stand, it's time to reset and revolutionise our lives to a whole new sustainable cultural paradigm.DISCOVER your RESET GUIDE as you read the inspiring story of how one woman went from life threatening burnout to an exceptional comeback with even greater success and fulfillment."Enough is enough. It is time to step out of the hypnotic state of what we have been led to believe is success. It's time to redefine our achievements on new terms and through the lens of wellbeing and harmony." - LOUISE FOWLLER -

"By definition, burnout is the exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress. It occurs when a person feels overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet ongoing demands. Today burnout has become the new normal with one in three people reporting they feel depressed or anxious. The time has come for a revolution of thought and the need to hit the reset button. Welcome to Your Reset Revolution."

"It is possible to achieve sustainable success while keeping your energy intact when you fully embrace your functional high achiever."- Is burnout or constant exhaustion stopping you from success?- Are you tired of being tired?- Are you looking to reset your life to a life with passion, purpose and inspiration?Whether it's physical, mental or emotional, burnout at any level is the very thing that stands between you and your success. It is the calling from our Soul to slow down and reset and see what is really important. Hear one women's story about how she navigated her way out of debilitating and life-threatening burnout to now guide other women to RESET and ALIGN to their true calling, yearnings and desires through the lens of wellbeing.This book is for those who want to create their greatest success in life, live their purpose and answer their calling but are struggling with energy depletion, worry, anxiety, or burnout. It is an absolute must-read for all inspired women wanting to make a positive impact and contribution in their lives, business and community.Bring sexy back to your business and life. Learn how to have success and not burn out in the process."You don't have to be a slave to the silent epidemic of burnout." - LOUISE FOWLLER- 

Body, Mind & Spirit
1 October
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