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If you want to save time, money, and effort while simultaneously increasing your team’s value and getting more satisfied customers, then pay attention....

Two comprehensive manuscripts in one audiobook:

Agile Project Management: How to Make Your Customers Happier While Saving Money, Time, and Effort
Kanban: The Ultimate Guide to Kanban Methodology for Agile Software Development

Every day, businesses are losing huge amounts of money because they are acting in a way that dissatisfies their customers. For example, New Voice Media issued a report in 2016 that reported $62 billion worth of business was lost due to poor customer service.

How many businesses miss out on thousands, if not millions, of dollars in extra profit...without even realizing? Could your business be one of them?

You see, most people make the same mistakes when it comes to getting things done, as well as getting the right things done.

But with this audiobook, you can learn about Kanban methodology and Agile project management so you can optimize the workflow to serve a specific purpose, ensuring customer satisfaction.

The first part of this audiobook includes:

A clear definition of what Agile project management truly is
A comprehensive comparison of Agile project management versus more traditional approaches
Compelling reasons for why you and your company should adopt an Agile approach
Defined principles and values of Agile project management so you can understand how they can be applied to your business environment
Comparisons between a variety of the most common Agile methodologies
Suggestions on how to assign roles and create a motivated team environment
An outline of the entire sprint process from start to finish
Parallel management processes to ensure quality and risk mitigation is effective
And much, much more

By listening to the second part of this audiobook, you will:

Discover what a Kanban system is
Learn how it can help with software development
Explore the benefits of using Kanban so you can convince your team to adopt it
Gain clarity on how to create a Kanban board
Learn about the seven Kanban cadences
Gain knowledge about Kanban’s WIP limits
And much, much more

Don’t let your competitors get to this information before you. Get this audiobook today and improve your business now!

Sam Slydell
hr min
10 October
James Edge