Bad River (Arliss Cutter) Bad River (Arliss Cutter)
Audiobook 6 - The Arliss Cutter Thrillers

Bad River (Arliss Cutter‪)‬

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Publisher Description

From a remote village perched on Arctic permafrost to the Badlands of South Dakota, searching for answers about his brother sets Arliss Cutter on an icy trail of murder and madness into the darkest heart of the Alaskan wilderness. New York Times bestselling author and former U.S. Marshal Marc Cameron captures the beauty and brutality of both man and nature in his newest high stakes suspense for fans of Paul Doiron, CJ Box, Allen Eskens, and Jane Harper.

""Cameron’s novels hook you from the first line, cement your eyes to the page, and grip your heart in a vice. I can’t think of another writer whose work I admire more."" —WILLIAM KENT KRUEGER

""A double-barreled blast of action, narrative, and impossible-to-fake authenticity.” —CJ BOX
Deputy US Marshal Arliss Cutter uncovers a grisly clue to his brother’s death—
and follows an icy trail of murder and madness into the darkest heart of the
Alaskan wilderness …

In the Inupiaq village of Wainwright on the Arctic Ocean, two teenagers discover a frozen body in the permafrost wall of their family’s cellar. They recognize the face through the ice. It is the face of a young woman who went missing—two years ago . . .

In South Dakota, Arliss Cutter searches for answers surrounding his brother’s mysterious death. But his visit only raises more questions without any leads. Until he returns to Alaska—and learns that his brother had something in common with the frozen body in the ice cellar . . .

Inside the young woman’s pocket is a fossilized animal tooth—similar to the one Arliss’s brother picked up on a trip to South Dakota. A bizarre coincidence? Or are the two connected somehow? Before Arliss can figure it out, his brother’s widow and children become the targets of a brutal home invasion. Arliss arrives on the scene in time to save them—but his actions trigger a larger investigation that puts his own neck on the line. From South Dakota to Anchorage to the Inupiaq villages of the Arctic, Arliss follows this bloodstained trail of clues to a remote lodge on the banks of the Kobuk River. Here, in this unforgiving wilderness, he will find the answers he seeks. Here, in this untamed, often violent land, he will come face to face with the terrible truth—and the man behind his brother’s murder . . .

David Chandler
hr min
23 July
Recorded Books, Inc.

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