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Whether you want two or 2000 hives, here’s how you do it...

“Suit up, hold your weapons, put up your shields! Arm your smoke guns, the drones are here! Over...Shoot those monsters! Shoot at the queen! Man down, man down!”

Does this sound like a sci-fi horror movie to you? Because it could be. But, do you know the same scenario could also become your sweetest fairy tale? Quite literally.

Yet, you might be wondering if beekeeping is right for you. Beekeeping goes far beyond a normal hobby.

Besides the fun and rewarding feeling of making your own honey, you can become the hero of your neighborhood by supporting the local ecosystem.

Did you know that bees perform 80 percent of all pollination worldwide? Unfortunately, we are facing a rapid, global bee decline caused by industrial agriculture, parasites, and climate change.

But we are depending on our little yellow friends. Every third bite of food eaten depends on pollinators. Without bees, we would never be able to eat apples, almonds, blueberries, cherries, cucumbers, and many other crops again.

With the right knowledge and the appropriate tools, you don’t need to be frightened of facing the bees in a final battle for your life.

Beekeeping is easier than you think, and you’ll make best friends with your bees in no time. In fact, research has shown that bees can recognize your face the same way we do as humans!

In Beekeeping for Beginners, you’ll discover:

The best training to become an exceptional beekeeper 
The essential tools you need to avoid hurting yourself or your bees 
The shape, size, kinds of wood, and everything else you need to know to build your own hive 
The 5 awesome new technologies that can take a big load off your shoulders 
The 4 seasons and why they are crucial to all beekeepers 
The most important diseases to watch out for to keep your hive healthy and alive 
The hidden secrets to making your honey taste exactly how you want it to 
The number 1 thing only advanced beekeepers know and how this insider knowledge can make your life easier when dealing with your bees 
How your amateur beekeeping hobby can turn into a sweet and profitable career And so much more...

Are you afraid of the responsibility coming with your new hobby? Keeping bees is much simpler than you think. Even if any plant you ever owned died under your care, you will keep your bees with this bulletproof step-by-step path for average Joe’s without a green thumb.

Beekeeping is for everyone from young to old, from stay at home moms to travelling full-time workaholics. It doesn’t require much time, energy, or knowledge and can even turn into an educational hobby for parents and their children.

If you want to discover a straight forward, no nonsense approach to effective beekeeping, thenbuy this audiobook right now.

Brad LeBaron
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13 October
Robert S. Morris