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Lucy Paynter provides a critical insight for believers on how on successfully weather through the storms they face. This audio booklet recognizes the many trials and tests we face and acknowledges that life is full of vicissitudes. She responds to questions relating to the three Ts of life, which she translates thus: trials, tests, and temptations. Paynter reminds us that storms will come, but the ultimate test lies in overcoming: an aspect she illustrates using testimonies: as a lay person, as a minister, a mother, the testimonies of her children and those of others. 

The book responds to familiar yet stupefying scenarios that Christians face. For instance, what we do when it seems as if God is answering everyone else apart from us, where we feel as if God has forgotten us despite being "fully-fledged" Christians. 

"Here is a book for everyone. The journey that Paul calls 'a fight of faith' is characterized by storms. As followers of Christ, we are no strangers to storms. This book is a great encouragement. The author in a beautiful language and the richness of Bible verses takes the reader through an understanding of the storms. God calms the storms and He calms our hearts. We can be calm and indeed cheerful during those times, knowing the calmer of storms is in control. You will find your situation in the pages of this book." (Peter Wallace Overseer, ETM Africa)

"Calmness in the Storm is a worthy read: a book that helps the reader unlock the potential within. Pastor Lucy Paynter shares her personal life-changing experiences and testimonies showing clearly that storms are not destructions but preparations. A storm is a great indicator of greater opportunities ahead. The author is surely a living testimony of calmness in the storm. Believe me: this is a combination of personal testimonies projected for a universal audience. May the Lord bless you as you embrace this book as a tool of encouragement and insight in your life." (Bishop Dickson Njoroge, Global Transforming Mission) 

"I recommend the book for every Christian: those already in the storm, those praying against it, and those who are in readiness. Paynter ultimately points to the truth of the calmness to every storm - Jesus Christ! He is embedded in your spiritual DNA. Get that and much more from the Calmness in the Storm." (Bishop Carl Philip Kihato, MA, BA, General Overseer: ANCOR Christian Church, Rockland, MA)

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Lucy Paynter