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If you've always wanted to learn how to train your mind through positive thoughts and change mindset for change your life, understand human brain, and get what you want from it, then keep reading...

Your success in life is largely dependent on the things that happen in your life and the way you perceive them. While your environment plays a large role in the way behave and think, there is more to it than just your environment. Chances are, if you were subjected to the same conditions as another person, your reactions to things would still be different. This is because regardless of the environment, the nature of humans is dynamic. While you may react negatively to some things, another person may positively react to them.

Considering that the mind is responsible for our thoughts, it is first important to note that the mind does not work independently regardless of whether it is the conscious or the unconscious mind. As explained above, the conscious mind takes cues from the brain as well as the environment to act. These cues are as a result of our experiences, as well as the influence of our immediate environment. This will help us to gather and process data, make decisions, give responses in a thoughtful manner, as well as control our short-term memory. There is also the influence of our biological make-up in the way we think and this is part of what happens in the unconscious mind. The environment and experiences of a person also contribute to this aspect.

While some psychologists believe that nature plays a bigger role in cognitive development, others believe that nurture plays a bigger role in the cognitive development of a person. When one thinks of the mind of a person and the way it works, it seems valid to say that nature and nurture interact to determine the way people think and react to things.

This guide will focus on the following:

Discover your brain
Your unconscious mind
Neuro-linguistic programming
Begin changing your habits
Developing self-control to live a happier life
Positive thoughts
Breaking free
Setting a routine
Exercises to apply to daily life...and more!

Even if you're a skeptical person, and you never read anything about this argument, the powerful insights contained in this comprehensive audiobook will help you, develop rock-solid mindset, connect naturally with your brain in a more productive way, easily navigate your thoughts and help you get the most out of life.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this audiobook to get started!

Paul Jameson
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December 19
Flaviano Pasi