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Become a skilled persuader! Two manuscripts in one book.

Master the dark psychology.

This boxset includes:

Dark Psychology Secrets
Dark Psychology and Manipulation

Do you have the mental strength to be in the dark? How dangerous are these people? Are they normal? Is their behavior forgivable? Ladies and gentlemen...children of all ages.

Step right up, step right up, and see the mystical mind freak of our generation - a being of such intellect and dark manipulation that you will have to keep your children safe when entering the tent behind me. 

The dark arts practiced here are beyond anything in existence that has been seen or heard of since the dawn of humanity.

Be warned, you will experience dislocation from the mind of the master. 

The master will read your thoughts and pull out your fears and show them to you. 

Look into the eyes of the master if you dare. Can you survive the onslaught of mental darkness? 

Only you can prove yourself. So, step right up, step right up, and see if you can be around the most powerful of mentalities that the world has ever seen - mental manipulation of the darkest kind. 

Learn how others have been trying to seduce you, trying to lead you astray, down a path that they’ve chosen, not that you chose. 

As the field of dark psychology continues to grow, and researchers, clinical psychologist, social engineers, therapists, and other experts (and survivors) continue to find out more about what makes these people tick, you’ll find analyses of the latest studies in dark psychology. 

Plus, the book gives listeners quick and easy breakdowns of how each dark personality is different from the other, and how they are similar.

Learn more about the narcissist - and how to spot one, how to know when you’re being worked by one. Find out why psychopaths have suddenly become role models for many a CEO and upper management businessperson.

Inside this book, you will learn:

How to control people minds and behaviors: they will finally do what you want
Best ways to apply these persuasion techniques
How to defend yourself from manipulative people
How to make people follow you
Psychological techniques for manipulating, persuading, and influencing people without them realizing they are being manipulated.

Don’t be the prey. Which doesn’t mean you have to be the predator, either. It just means you’ll be able to choose. 

It means you won’t be at the mercy of anyone from this world of dark psychology.

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Science & Nature
Cliff Weldon
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4 July
Ray Manson

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