Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management 2.0 Mastery Bible: Unleash the Empath in You and Take Control of Your Emotions While Being Free from Anxiety with This Self-Help Workbook for Women and Men (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 15,99 €

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Are you struggling to get a handle on your emotions or find it difficult to read the emotional state of people you interact with every day and lack social calibration? Do you want to improve your emotional intelligence, skyrocket your personal magnetism and charisma, and transform your life and relationships without breaking a sweat? Then, keep reading...

Keeping a clear head and thinking straight during intense emotional moments is not something many people can do. For decades, it had been assumed, falsely, that a higher IQ correlates to a greater probability of personal or professional success. 

Unlike IQ, which is majorly determined by genetic factors, emotional intelligence can be drastically improved with a few techniques and changes to your behavior.

In this insightful audiobook, you're going to discover:

Explanation of what emotional intelligence really is and why it absolutely matters in today's world
The six guaranteed ways to improve your self-awareness and get in touch with your intuition
The 11 fail-safe techniques to help you skyrocket your emotional intelligence and get what you want out of other people
Steps to recognize signs of low emotional intelligence in children and what to do if you're a parent of one
The secret to using emotional intelligence to make intelligent decisions and dramatically improve your communication skills
The ultimate seven-step technique to help you understand emotions and get yours under control
One of the most effective methods to deal with difficult people without losing your sanity
And tons more!

The simple instructions in this guide are so easy to follow and will get you started on the way to a better, more charismatic version of yourself. Even if you have the social awareness of a child or looking for ways to improve your gut instinct, this book will help you develop a razor-sharp emotional intelligence which, in more ways than one, is more important than IQ in today's world.

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Brian Housewert
hr min
6 April
Eric Pellis