End Anxiety and Panic Attack in 21 Days: A Practical Guide to Free Yourself from Anxiety, Depression, and Intrusive Thoughts and Taking Control of Your Life Through Behavioural Cognitive Therapy (Unabridged‪)‬

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What if you can manage and eliminate your panic attacks by changing your mind? Stop suffering? It's time to act now. Turn anxiety into your most powerful weapon to improve yourself.

This may sound weird, but the good thing about life is that no matter how badly you think you’re doing, there’s someone out there doing a lot worse. What’s even weirder is that they aren’t half as worried as you are. Another thing is that there really is no novel condition as far as the world is concerned; therefore, your problem is not peculiar to you. Many other people have suffered it or are currently in it, even if you don’t know it.

Life is mysterious. It has its vicissitudes and this mix is what makes it even more interesting. The truth about life is that no matter how rosy your neighbor’s garden may seem, the thorns exist therein and they are not blunt. There is no perfect life and the earlier we accept this, the better. Many have lost their lives to panic attacks; many have become slaves to anxiety either because they’re trying to meet some flimsy standard set by society or because they have refused to let go of negative past experiences. We are our own boss. Nobody has the right to tell you how much you ought to have achieved at a particular age or time in your life; the life is yours. Thus, while it’s okay to aim for greatness, it’s wrong to measure your achievements based on what another person has achieved. It’s unhealthy to beat yourself up over little things like “My college rival got married before me, she got that new position I was competing against her for”, and other little things that we dwell on, which make us anxious about what tomorrow holds.

This audiobook will provide an insight into what anxiety and panic are, the causes and symptoms, at what stage they become disorders, how to prevent them and how to overcome them. It also tells us that there are people experiencing this too and so we shouldn’t feel ashamed that we have to handle this. The audiobook tells us of survivors, not for entertainment purposes but as a way to assure us that just like everything else in life, this phase will surely pass, but there are things we must do if we must survive them.

This guide covers the following:

Best anxiety management techniques
The subconscious mind
What is a panic attack?
The chemical basis of panic
Find your stressors
Most common phobias
What kinds of anxiety disorders exist?
Diffusing a panic attack
Using CBT
Obstacles to recovery and ways to overcome them
21-day challenge

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Theresa Stephens
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7 March
Giulio Orlandi