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If you’re looking for a rapid way to lose weight without doing so at the cost of your mental health, you’ve arrived at the right place....

Your body does what your mind tells it to do.  

If you know how to lose weight, but can’t get your head around to it, or if you’re already losing weight, but need an extra boost to accelerate the process and do so with pleasure, you’re ready to delve into hypnosis. Losing weight can be traumatic. And even if you’re doing your best, sometimes it doesn’t work. This is when you should try to lose weight while healing yourself emotionally. This makes it simple to establish healthier and more intuitive eating habits. The problem is, when stress hormones, cortisol levels, rise due to your anxiety, the body panics and stops burning fat. In fact, it tries to save up as much energy as it can to store it in case of an emergency. 

Stopping emotional eating is not only your problem - millions suffer from excessive binge eating at times of stress. Once your soul seeks and finds an alternative source of energy from within, you stop craving unhealthy food. This is where hypnosis comes in. It is not magic. It is how the human brain works- you can reconstruct your cognitive patterns through therapy. And it does work if you put your mind to it. Through positive affirmations and a peaceful, self-loving attitude, your metabolism will start working again. Meanwhile, you will develop a more intuitive way of eating, craving foods that nourish not only your body but also boost your moods and life energy. 

This book is your blueprint to:     

Rapid weight loss through weight loss hypnosis    
Identifying patterns of harmful overeating     
Developing healthy eating and life habits     
Improving your motivation, confidence, and overall mental health 

While bettering your emotional wellbeing, you will learn tips on how to make your mind "trick" your body into losing weight through developing healthy life patterns. 

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Tayla Shandro
hr min
27 September
Lindsay Pearson