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Authenticity is one of the most discussed attributes in the modern climate, and one of the most overrated. It’s incredibly difficult to master authenticity because the self is more complicated than can be expressed in a sentence. Instead of focusing on the limits of honesty, it proves helpful to aim for harmony within the self. How to Analyze People: Dark Psychology Secrets teaches the listener how to understand their own path to harmony, and how to harmonize with the people around them.

This information can be manipulated in ways that are unethical, so responsibility is essential while growing your understanding of the people around you. We are all motivated by our instincts and intentions. Throughout relying on them the entirety of our lives habits form and people start to rely on strategies.

Carl Yung identified several of these cognitive strategies in his work. He described eight brain functions, four perceiving, and four judging. These functions are different modes of thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuiting. Every person has all eight functions, but they prioritize certain functions over others. How people rely on these functions determine which archetype of cognition they fall in.

These archetypes were popularized through the work of Myer and Briggs, who gave the archetype shorthand names, such as ESTJ. Several people misunderstand the system of typology as a horoscope for how people will live their lives, or what they’re good at, but it’s not. It’s a measure of your inner balance and the way that you interact with the resources around you.

Understanding how to work within this system will allow you the read the types of other people. This is useful because it allows you to communicate conscientiously and play to their strengths so that you can have a great relationship. It isn’t about prying into people, but realizing that not everyone communicates the way that you do. Once you understand that you can become literate in several forms of expression.

People are difficult to understand. The struggle for the majority of people is learning how to be heard and how to listen. Most of our jobs, our relationships, and our emotions are centered on having to interact with others. This is why having an understanding of the different kinds of people, what they need to be happy, and how they communicate, is a great tool. It allows you the comfort of being able to address this situation from a place of experience.


A guide to learning about your needs and what you need to effectively communicate
A Guide to mastering how to communicate with others and reading their styles of expression
Building a relationship with yourself and establishing balance with the world
Strategies to communicate with people who express differently than you
How to get along as an introvert
How to stay focused as an extrovert
Learning how to recognize situations that are toxic for your personality
Learning how to create environments that benefit you and the people around you
An introductory guide to the technical side of typology
An examination of the different cognitive functions

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