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“A family in harmony will prosper in everything.” (Chinese proverb)

Have you ever taken a good look at yourself, and asked, "Am I a good person?" The world around you is pulling your strings, shaping your private thoughts and innermost instincts. And you don’t realize it. 

The seventh in a series of personal transformation books, Imagine You Are: Personality Tests About Family with Moral and Ethical Dilemmas uses philosophy, psychology and everyday situations as an innovative exploration of self and self-knowledge. This book provides scenarios of the morality and politics of the family, telling us why the family is valuable, who has the right to parent, and what rights parents should and should not have over their children. 

Every day we overlook the enormous power of situations in our lives. We fail to appreciate that life’s basic details - where we are, whom we’re with, and even whether you’ve won or lost a spelling contest 20 years ago - affect how we think and act. 

In this collection of common everyday scenarios, you’ll imagine yourself as a cast member in a scene. Each scene addresses a distinct aspect of the human persona: creativity, emotional stability, strong-mindedness, honesty, sociability and more. Next, you’ll be asked to choose how you would handle the situation. Of course, there are no right or wrong answers - just revelations about the person you are. After you answer the questions, you’ll find comments of a qualified psychologist that will help you interpret your answers with practical explanations. 

More than psychology testing, more than another self-help volume, this book appeals to fans of puzzle and logic games. It’s an eye-opening listen, and you just might find out who you really are. 

Imagine You Are: Personality Tests About Family with Moral and Ethical Dilemmas reaffirms the vital importance of the family as a social institution while challenging its role in the reproduction of social inequality and carefully balancing the interests of parents and children.

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Millian Quinteros
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1 August
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