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For decades, the society’s notion of a perfect body has forced millions of people to follow different kinds of diets. These diets are either for weight gain or weight loss. However, both include following a set pattern for eating. These eating patterns are about cutting off nutrient-dense food groups, crunching on calories rather than meals, and depriving oneself of food. Such eating patterns lead to guilt, bingeing, emotional eating, and negative body image.

The audiobook, Intuitive Eating, focuses on eating for satisfaction, fullness, and nurturing a safe relation with food. It is a workbook that propagates the idea of satisfaction and positive body image by encouraging a healthier relationship with food.

This audiobook does not tell you about what to eat like other books and journals out there. It focuses on how to eat with a present mind. The main idea behind the audiobook is to honor hunger, and eat without any guilt to satisfy the appetite. It teaches about practicing self-love. The audiobook is all about how to stop projecting your feelings towards food and eating food to nurture the body. Food is social, but food should never be toxic. It should not be the reason behind eating disorders. It should heal and satisfy.

This audiobook will teach you about:

Discarding diets that encourage set eating patterns
Developing and maintaining a positive body image
Focusing on the health rather than weight loss or weight gain
The art and science of intuitive eating
Healing through intuitive eating

This audiobook is an all-encompassing self-help book, and will guide you on how to nurture yourself without any guilt or deprivation.

Frequently asked questions:

Will this audiobook help me foster a body-positive image and acceptance of who I am?

Answer: Yes. This audiobook is all about you. It will teach you confidence, rather than self-loathing.
Does this audiobook discourage weight loss?

Answer: Absolutely not. This audiobook helps you to gain or lose weight through intuitive and mindful eating. It will teach you about satisfying your hunger and still achieving your body goals. It disregards emotionally and mentally unhealthy patterns. By the end of this audiobook, you will achieve your goal and will continue to love yourself.
Will I overcome my eating disorders after listening to this audiobook?

Answer: The audiobook will help you with your eating disorders substantially. It cannot help you overcome it, but it will be a great help in healing you. You will stop considering emotional or binge-eating after listening this audiobook.

This is a non-diet workbook to find the satisfaction factor, overcome deprivation and guilt, and stop emotional and binge eating. In this audiobook, you will learn how important your intuition is to your well-being. The content of this audiobook will open your intuition on several non-diet that works. Alisson Pot has written several step-by-step guides to end your battle with food and satisfaction. If you listen to this audiobook, you will also learn why it is essential to have a reliable intuition to maintain good physical health.

Many people want to be more intuitive. And many people have feelings, see things, hear voices, but can not really know if it is their intuition to tell them, or they just imagine things and project their own hopes and expectations.

Carol Grace Anderson
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6 September
Alisson Pot