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Motivation Manifestation: The Ultimate Guide to Manifestation Power, Learn Powerful and Effective Ways You Can Manifest Your Destiny

If someone were to ask you if you’re truly living the life YOU want and are truly happy, would you be able to say yes? If you dig deep within yourself, will you honestly be able to say yes? If yes, then you’re one of the lucky ones because most people are living their lives just going with the flow, copying what others are doing because they thought that’s how it should be done. They were not able to stop and really think if that was something they truly want to be doing for the rest of their lives. But it is never too late to take charge of your life and make the necessary changes that would lead to its improvement.

This audiobook will teach you how to make positive changes in your life so you can effectively take charge of your life and manifest your own destiny. It would teach you how to forge your own path and not just live blindly copying others. You will discover how to form your own habits so you could live the life that you really want and that’s really meant for you.

This audiobook will discuss the following topics:

- Strive for Transparency of Mind

- Visualization of Your Goals

- Implementing Your Action Plans

- Actions as an Art

- Exploring Self-Reaction

- Expressing Gratitude For Everything

- Creating Your Own Legacy

It is not too late to push yourself out of your comfort zone so you can live the light you’ve always dreamed of. It is never too late to start manifesting your own destiny.

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Marcus Mulenga
hr min
15 June
Author's Republic